Integrating CDIO Skills by Teamwork in a School of Engineering - ISEP

Integrating CDIO Skills by Teamwork in a School of Engineering - ISEP

F. Martins, E. Ferreira (2016).  Integrating CDIO Skills by Teamwork in a School of Engineering - ISEP. 9.

CDIO establishes a set of learning outcomes for students who finish their engineering programs. These learning outcomes cover several areas namely scientific knowledge, personal and interpersonal skills and product, process and system building. Teamwork is recognized to be very important in the learning process and contributes to engineering thinking and problem solving using knowledge discovery and creative and critical thinking. Besides it enhances interpersonal development since it favors individual and group interactions using communication, conflict solving and leadership. Engineers should acquire the essential technical knowledge and also soft skills to be able to face and solve the challenges of our modern society, which require knowledge, the ability to communicate and implement solutions many times using a multidisciplinary approach. The goal of this work was to characterize and analyzed the situation related to teamwork in ISEP, School of Engineering. In order to characterize the situation a survey was designed and launched online at the end of the second semester to cover all academic year. All students have access to a computer and internet at school and probably most of them also have access at home. In addition was performed a review of existing teamwork tasks in every course of each engineering program in ISEP Concerning the survey quantitative and quality analyses were performed such as frequency analysis among others. By performing this type of analysis it was to detect, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork perceived by the students and the relation between factors. For the engineering programs that used teamwork as a very common tool were also performed quantitative and quality analyses in order to characterize the main aspects of their implementation.

Keywords: Higher education, Engineering, Teamwork, Teaching-learning process, Learning strategies, Standards: 2, 8, 11

Proceedings of the 12th International CDIO Conference, Turku, Finland, June 12-16 2016

Authors (New): 
Florinda Martins
Eduarda Pinto Ferreira
Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP), Portugal
higher education
Teaching-learning process
Learning strategies
CDIO Standard 2
CDIO Standard 8
CDIO Standard 11
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