2006 - Proceedings of the 2nd International CDIO Conference

Proceedings of the 2nd International CDIO Conference, Linköping, Sweden, 13-14 June 2006

Year: 2006

Editor: Svante Gunnarsson

Institution: Linköping University

Table of Contents

A CDIO-based Comparison of Engineering Curricula in the USA, Canada, Sweden and the UK

       P. Armstrong, J. Bankel, S. Gunnarsson, J. Keesee, P. Oosthuizen

A Critical Thinking Model for Engineering


A Diversified Approach to the Work Session Physics

       A. Van Deynse, B. Nouwen, I. Claeys

A Project for the Programme of Information Technology at Linköping University

       U. Ouchterlony

A Student’s Perspective on the Progression of a Problem-Based Learning Module for Final Year Aerospace Students

       P. Perfect, S. Kendrick, R. Armstrong, H. Lockett

An In-Situ Professional Conceive-Design-Experience in an Interdisciplinary Context: Engineering Students in Chemical Biology Present Research Plans to Medical Doctors

       M. Sunnerhagen, M. Svensson, E. Ehrenborg, U. Carlsson, L. Mårtensson, L. Tibell

Asking Culturally Neutral Questions in Engineering

       P. Goodhew

Assessment of Interpersonal Skills of Students in the Vehicle Engineering Programme at KTH

       B. Alfredsson

CDIO for Distributed Teams: Experiences of a Japanese and American Team

       C. Mbohwa

Design Build Experiences and Student Safety

       G. Cunningham, P. Armstrong, A. McNally

Design-Build Experiences and Student-Centered-Learning in Biomedical Engineering Curricula

       G. Salerud, M. Ilias, E. Häggblad

Design-Build-Test Projects in an Introductory Course for two Bachelor Programmes at Linköping University

       K. Bjerner, D. Gundlegård, D. Haugum, M. Östring

Development and Evaluation of a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Design Course infused with CDIO Skills

       N. Ho

Development of a New Computational Mathematics Education for the Mechanical Engineering Program at Chalmers University of Technology

       M. Enelund, S. Larsson

Development of Design Directed Engineering Curriculum based on the CDIO Framework

       P. Gu, X. Lu, G. Xiong, S. Li, M. Shen

Enhancing Student Engagement through the Application of Multimedia Learning Theories to Undergraduate Manufacturing Courses

       M. McCarthy, D. Tedford, R. Seidel

Implementing CDIO principles in an undergraduate teacher

       R. Dunbar, N. Seery, S. Gordon

Implications of E-Learning on Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

       H. June, H. Leong

Integrated Program Descriptions – A Tool for Communicating Goals and Design of CDIO Programs

       J. Malmqvist, S. Östlund, K- Edström

Is learning just about conceiving, designing, implementing, and operating?

       E. Stiwne

More than Professional Competence –The Karlsruhe Education

       A. Albers, N. Burkardt, T. Düser

Positioning and Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

       R. Karlsson, D. Törnqvist, J. Sjöberg, J. Hol, A. Hansson

Project and Team Based Learning - an Integrated Approach

       D. Tedford, R. Seidel, M. Islam

Reformulating Engineering Education at Singapore Polytechnic

       S. Pee, H. Leong

Strategic Pedagogic Development at the Chalmers University of Technology

       E. Saalman

Students' Experiences of their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Years in an Engineering Program: Results Based on Questionnaires

       T. Jungert

Teaching Group Dynamics to Engineering Faculty

       J. Bankel, K. Blom

The 4th year Civil Engineering Design Project with CDIO Elements

       P. Lin, Y. Wang, G. Xiong

The CAMAQ Project: A Design-Build Experience based on a Virtual Immersion in Aerospace Industry practices

       C. Fortin, B. Sanschagrin, G. Huet, S. Gagné

The importance of a dialog between examiners and students for course evaluation

       R. Mannerbro, J. Midbjer, H. Svensson

The Morphology and Cytoskeleton of Cells - A CDIO Project for 2nd Semester Students in Engineering Biology

       J. Wetterö, S. Pettersson, K. Peterson

The Value of Immersive Learning Experiences within an 'Introduction to Engineering' Module

       M. Murphy, T. Bullough, M. Johnson, S. Millard, A. Shenton, C. Sutcliffe

To Design a Novel Protein -A Conceive-Design-Build-Operate Experience in Molecular Biotechnology at Linköping University

       U. Carlsson, T. Magnusson, L. Mårtensson, M. Sunnerhagen, M. Svensson, L. Tibell

Towards the Unknown – Developing Students’ Abilities in Dealing with Indeterminate Design Tasks

       G. Tansley, M. Johnson

Two years of CDIO at Hogeschool Gent: design-build projects and assessment

       J. D’heer, P. Raes, C. Vandenplas, P. Van Torre

Using Assessment to Initiate and Sustain CDIO Programs: United States Naval Academy (USNA) Case Study

       D. Boden, P. Gray







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