Implement and Operate in Civil Engineering CDIO

Implement and Operate in Civil Engineering CDIO

S. Millard, Z. Yang, Z. Guan (2008).  Implement and Operate in Civil Engineering CDIO. 9.

This paper will describe an exciting new initiative in the UK focusing on "Implement" and "Operate" of CDIO for a Civil Engineering programme at the University of Liverpool. Facilitating the experience of carrying out a real civil engineering project poses much more of a challenge than the other engineering disciplines because of the large scale requirements. The Constructionarium provides students with a real-life construction experience, working with a Contractor and a Consultant to build realistically scaled structures.

Students work in teams of 20-24 for a week on a real construction site. Each team works as a "mini-company" and is responsible for planning, costing, understanding drawings, human resources, quality control, procurement, setting out, fabrication and construction, health and safety and many other realistic professional roles required for construction of a real scale civil engineering structure. Examples such as a steel bridge spanning 20m and over 7m tall or a floating concrete oil rig (scale 1:20) are used to provide students with a practical exposure to engineering construction.

The presentation will focus on delivery and assessment of this interactive initiative and on the student perception of the experience. Participants in this session will have the opportunity to provide feedback and experience of their own "I and O" implementation. 

Authors (New): 
S. G. Millard
Z. Yang
Z. Guan
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Civil Engineering
Active learning
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