Implementing CDIO at Your Institution

Implementing CDIO at your institution is simple: Just follow the 12 CDIO Standards.

In January 2004, the CDIO Initiative adopted these 12 standards to describe CDIO programs. These guiding principles were developed in response to program leaders, alumni, and industry partners who wanted to know how they would recognize CDIO programs and their graduates.

As a result, these 12 CDIO Standards:

  • Define the distinguishing features of a CDIO program;
  • Serve as guidelines for educational program reform and evaluation;
  • Create benchmarks and goals with worldwide application; and
  • Provide a framework for continuous improvement.

The CDIO Standards address program philosophy, curriculum development, design-build experiences and workspaces, new methods of teaching and learning, faculty development, and assessment and evaluation.
Seven are considered essential because they distinguish CDIO programs from other educational reform initiatives; five supplementary standards significantly enrich a CDIO program and reflect best practice in engineering education.

For each standard, the description explains the meaning of the standard, the rationale highlights reasons for setting the standard, and evidence gives examples of documentation and events that demonstrate compliance with the standard.

The CDIO adoption process chart depicts the process and flow of institutional adoption of a CDIO program. The chart is mapped to the 12 CDIO Standards.

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