Conference Papers

Preliminary list of Paper Presentations


Advancing CDIO Curriculum Model for Thai Engineering and Non-Engineering Programmes

Natha Kuptasthien, Linda Lee and Lee Chong Hwa

CDIO Implementation for Mechanical Courses at Pharos University in Alexandria

Alaa Shibl, M. Naim Anwar, Wegdan Wagdi, M. Gaber Abou Ali

Supporting Cross-Cultural University Education

Emiel van Puffelen and Marijke van Oppen

Skills Building towards Self-Directed Learning via Action Research Reflections

Dr. Chia Chew Lin and Tham Kum Hong

Case Study on Self-Directed Learning in Year 1 Chemical Engineering


Inculcating Safety Mindset in Chemical Engineering Students Using AR/VR

Katerina YANG, Sin-Moh CHEAH

Comparing SDL in Singapore and Vietnam: Approaches and Student Perceptions

Boon-Seng CHEW, Sin Moh CHEAH, Tan TRAN, Ha Dac BINH and Truong Van TRUONG

A Survey of the Progress of Students' Generic Skills

Kouji Kawasaki, Kuniaki Yajima, Keoisi Okamoto, Yoshikatsu Kubota, Takashi Shirane, Kazutaka Baba and Hiroshi Fukumura

Assessing Curriculum Agility in a CDIO Engineering Education

Suzanne Brink, Carl Johan Carlsson, Mikael Enelund, Fredrik Georgsson, Elizabeth Keller, Reidar Lyng and Charlie McCartan

Learning from Education Innovation Using the 4TU.CEE Innovation Map

Emiel van Puffelen and Caroline Vonk

Availability of CDIO as a Driver of Creating Shared Value

Yasuhiro Fukuzawa

Change for Group Design Exercises in a Lighting Design Program

Geza Fischl and Ulrika Wänström-Lindh

Using CDIO to Develop Project Learning Activities for Younger Students

Evelyne Lussier, Laurence Martel, Daniel Spooner, Mathieu Dubreuil-Cousineau

Effect of Constructive Alignment Implementation on Chemical Engineering Kinetics Course

Thirawat Mueansichai

International Cooperation between Two Project Learning Environments – a Case Study

Marika Säisä, Tan Chee Seong, Sanna Määttä and Janne Roslöf

Outcomes-Centered Curriculum Design of AR Technology Based on Blended Teaching

Qingjun Yu and Tingting Li

Streamlining Academic Change Processes through Engineering Principles

Felicia Leander Zaar and Magnus Andersson

Spreading the Model: Systematic Approach to the CDIO of CDIO Courses using Creativity Promotion Canvases

Andres Diaz Lantada, Enrique Chacon Tanarro and Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa

Learning Design and the Tension Between Strategy and Didactics

Jens Bennedsen, Mikkel Godsk and Tina Bering Keiding

The Use of Authentic Assessment in CDIO Project

Yina Chua

CDIO implementation through R&D model at FPT University

BUI Thu Trang, LUU Ha Anh

Learning Gains in Traditional Versus Challenge-Based Higher Engineering Education

Martina van Uum and Birgit Pepin

Student Perceptions of Project-Based Learning in a Software Engineering Course

Dina Shoham, Robyn Paul and Mohammad Moshirpour

Stakeholders' Management for Truly Immersive CDIO Experiences in Biomedical Engineering

Luis Ballesteros-Sánchez, Rocío Rodríguez-Rivero, Andrés Díaz Lantada, Jesús Juan Ruíz, Rafael Borge García, Enrique Chacón Tanarro, Miguel Ángel Peláez García, Ana Moreno Romero and Rafael Ramos Díaz

The Global Engineers Language Skills (GELS) network: An Update

Jamie Rinder, Tanja Richter, Teresa Sweeney Geslin and David Tual

Tablet-Aided Lecturing Effectiveness: Case of the Australian College of Kuwait

Mohamed Zaki, Hania El-Kanj, Hassan Salti and Mohammed Abdul-Niby

Students' Stress and Satisfaction in CDIO Experiences: Finding the Balance

Rocío Rodríguez-Rivero, Luis Ballesteros-Sánchez, Andrés Díaz Lantada, Jesús Juan Ruíz, Miguel Ángel Peláez García, Ana Moreno Romero, Enrique Chacón Tanarro, Rafael Borge García and Rafael Ramos Díaz

Workspace Changing in Project Activity of Students in Chemistry

Yuliya Yu. Petrova, Ekaterina V. Sevast’yanova, Valeria A. Bezuevskaya and Ekaterina V. Kukhtenko

Improving the Implementation of a First-Semester Programming Course

Ásrún Matthíasdóttir and Hrafn Loftsson

Student’s Journey and Personal Development in an Engineering Program

Haraldur Audunsson, Asrun Matthiasdottir and Thordur Vikingur Fridgeirsson

Verification of Educational Effect for Innovation Practice on Electrical Technology

Minoru Komatsu and Takashi Matsumoto

Tracks for Change, Flexibility, Interdisciplinarity and Creativity in Engineering Education

Mikael Enelund and Kristina Henricson Briggs

Prerequisites for Interdisciplinary Learning: Organisation and Staff

Nanneke De Fouw, Renate Klaassen and Youandi Van Der Tang

The use of EduScrum Methodology in the Socially-Oriented Projects

Andrei Zapevalov, Dmitrii Kuzin and Paul Grishmanovskiy

The Use of Project Training in the implementation of Practice-Oriented Disciplines

Paul Grishmanovskiy, Olga Grishmanovskaya and Andrei Zapevalov

Reformed Curricula: Tool for Providing Professional Growth for Students

Mari-Selina Kantanen and Sanna Tyni

Reverse Engineering and Introduction to Engineering Design

Petros Siegkas

Exploring Student Motivation in a Blended and Self-Directed Group-Learning Environment

Flex TIO

Investigating Repeatable Nudge Effects with Spaced Repetition in Using MCQs

Y. F. Tang and Z. H. Huan

Evaluating a Service-Learning Experience in Geological Engineering, UCSC, Chile

Matilde Basso, Claudia Martínez-Araneda, Patricio Cea and Marcia Muñoz

Faculty Adoption and Perception of Teaching Methods: Traditions, Technology & Tricks

Jerker Björkqvist and Janne Roslöf

Curriculum and Implementation of KOSEN Engineering Education at KOSEN-KMITL, Thailand

Hideaki Aburatani, Suvepon Sittichivapak, Seiji Kano and Nobutomo Uehara

Design of CDIO Curriculum for Undergraduate Engineering Programme: Indian Context

Thiruvengadam S. J., Baskar Subramanian, Venkatasubramani V. R. and Abhaikumar V.

Instructor-Student Dynamics Mapping Protocol Design for a Geomatics Engineering Classroom

Sheng Lun (Christine) Cao, Elena Rangelova and Ivan Detchev

Redesign of a Freshman English Course for Communications Engineering Freshmen

Huey-Nah Cindy Chou, Ben-Ray Jai and Wei Wang

Using Learning Analytics in Moulding Students to Become Self-Directed Learners

Toh Ser Khoon, Chia Chow Leong,Tan HuaJoo, Safura Anwar

Education for Engineers - Applying CDIO in Non-engineering Programmes

Simon Thollar and Joel Rian

Strengthening CDIO in B.Eng. Final Projects with an Industry Roadmap

Ian Bridgwood and John Aasted Sørensen

Design Thinking Course Implementation in CDIO based Undergraduate Programmes

Thiruvengadam S. J., Saravana Perumaal S., Baskar Subramanian, Jeyamala Chandrasekaran and Abhaikumar V.

Optional CDIO Standards: Sustainable Development, Simulation-Based Mathematics, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation and Mobility

Johan Malmqvist, Kristina Edström, Anders Rosén, Ron Hugo and Duncan Campbell

Creation and Use of Low-Cost Learning Components

Jairo Alberto Hurtado and Eduardo Andrés Gerlein

CDIO Standards 3.0 - Updates to the Core CDIO Standards

Johan Malmqvist, Kristina Edström and Anders Rosén

Educational Robotics Projects that Promote Innovation and Social Commitment Skills

Flor Ángela Bravo, Jairo Alberto Hurtado and Enrique González

Framework for an Integrated Learning Block with CDIO-led Engineering Education

Mouhamed Abdulla, Meagan Troop and Amjed Majeed

Exploration of Big Data Talents Under the Concept of CDIO

Ning Jia, Chunjun Zheng and Wei Sun

Whole Process Enterprise Internship Involving "Six Elements" Based on CDIO

Bo Dai, Wenxing Xu, Teng Wang, Zhansheng Han, Xiumei Wang and Xiaohua Wu

Reviewing and Improving IT Engineering Curriculum in Tra Vinh University

Thi-Phuong-Nam Phan, Phuoc-Hung Vo, Hoang-Nam Tram, Thai-Son Nguyen, Minh-Hoa Nguyen and Thanh-Thuy Tieu

Alignment and Mapping Between CDIO Standards and AUN-QA Criteria

Tuan Van Pham, Anh Thu Nguyen, Hong HaiNguyen, Minh Duc Phan and Tan Kay Chuan

Joint Interdisciplinary Project: Cognitive, Social and Emotional Aspects of Interdisciplinary Learning

Renate Klaassen, Birgit de Bruin, Nanneke De Fouw, Aldert Kamp and Hans Hellendoorn

Sustainable International Experience: A Collaborative Teaching Project

Thomas Mejtoft, Helen Cripps, Stefan Berglund and Christopher Blöcke

Developing Engineering Growth Mindset Through CDIO Outreach Activities

Soumya K. Manna, Ghazal Sheikholeslami, Anne Nortcliffe

Strategies for the Mathematics Learning in Engineering CDIO Curricula

Alejandra Gonzalez, Maria Patricia León and Maria Alejandra Sarmiento

Proposals for Visualization and Support of Generic-Skills through Overseas Internships

K. Yajima, K. Kawasaki, K. Okamoto, Y. Kubota, T. Shirane, H. Kobayashi, K. Baba and H. Fukumura

A Study on CDIO-Based STEAM Program Design and Implementation

Anh Thu Thi Nguyen, Hoi Ba Nguyen, Tram Kha Ngoc Nguyen and Tuan Van Pham

University-Industry Collaboration Themes in STEM Higher Education: A Euro-Asean Perspective

Siegfried Rouvrais, Gilles Jacovetti, Panuwan Chantawannakul, Nuttee Suree and Sirilak Bangchokdee

Integrated Curriculum Approach in Developing 21st Century Industry-Ready Graduates

Yong Rashidah Mat Tuselim, Riam Chau Mai and Samikhah Muhammad.


Preliminary list of Projects in Progress


Collaboration program and business model for store management within the framework of the Entrepreneur Education Program

Manabu Koide, Yoshihiro Tawara, Kensei Kaneko, Mariko Horiguchi and Toshihiko Eto

Integration of Arts and Science: Curriculum Design for Dramatic Arts

Bing-Jean Lee,Yueh-mei Cheng and Ben-ray Jai

Building Teamwork Skill with Rube Goldberg Machine Project

Bhovornsak Somkror

Educational Impact through Global PBL

Kohshi Kikuchi, Chiharu Okuma, Manabu Shimakawa and Yasuyuki Shimada

Computational Thinking Oriented Teaching Reform Based on Student-Centered Paradigm

Yiqun Dong, Jiandong Liu, Wenxing Xu and Shuhong Wang

Convergence Environment for Autonomy Research: Designing and Branding

Kayla Mesina, Ashley Santiago, Joe Bautista and Nhut Ho

Introductory Learning of Image Processing for Industry

Fumitake Kato







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