Remon Rooij

+31 15 2784166
  • Associate professor Spatial Planning & Strategy
  • Head of Education department of Urbanism
  • Delft co-leader 4TU Centre for Engineering Education
  • Faculty Architecture & the Built Environment program leader Research-on-Education-Innovation 

Remon Rooij is one of Delft’s educational leaders contributing not only to the (re)design and (re)development of courses and programs (eg MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering, MSc Urbanism, BSc Bouwkunde), but also to departmental, faculty and institutional educational policies, visions and strategies. Since 2016 he has shifted his research focus to research-on-education, which resulted in several sponsored research and innovation projects, and a variety of learning and teaching oriented scientific publications. In 2018 Remon initiated an Architecture & the Built Environment faculty-wide initiative Research-on-Education-Innovation that focuses on 1) teaching design, 2) academic skills for designers, 3) multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary education, 4) online and blended education, and 5) curriculum revision and leadership. In Delft this is one of the good practices of promoting educational scientific research and evidence-informed education innovation in close co-operation with the academic staff from our departments of Architecture, Urbanism, Technology, and Management.

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