CDIO Academy 2015

CDIO Academy part 1 - Project showcase

A total of 11 different teams from China, Singapore and Russia participated in the project showcase, an exhibition of engineering education reform. The showcase is an opportunity for engineering students to show their design-implement projects. It is also a great opportunity for the students to meet their peers from engineering programs all around the world.

The HuGGler project Singapore Polytechnic Singapore


Feasibility Study of Converting Solid Waste into Usable and Valuable Products for Developing Countries Singapore Polytechnic Singapore
Distributed intergated automatical meteorological station Chengdu University of Information Technology China


Modified waste concrete aggregates by microbial calcite precipitaion for using in asphalt mixture Shantou University China
Brain Computer Interface Communicator and Home Device Control Singapore Polytechnic Singapore
Virtual Dancing Blanket Shantou University China



Laser-show Projector Ural Federal University Russia


CDIO Academy part 2 - Intelligent vehicle

In this activity, 33 students from 4 different universities in 3 countries formed 6 international teams to compete in a 2 days challenge. The task was to build an intelligent vehicle in only 2 days based on the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate method.

Some of the technology the students needed to use to build the vehicle:

  • Green engineering
  • Electric engineering
  • Communication engineering
  • Control engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Image processing strategy
  • etc.


Winning teams

Groupname: DreamTeam
A Abdul Hakeem, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Griaznov Aleksei, Ural Federal University, Russia
Markin Georgii, Ural Federal University, Russia
潘忠尧/Pan zhong rao, Shantou University, China
Tarasov Alexander, Ural Federal University, Russia
Tarasov Stepan, Ural Federal University, Russia

Groupname: Balalaika
Aleksandr Nikiforov, Ural Federal University, Russia
Nikitin Dmitry, Ural Federal University, Russia
苏妮洋/Niyang Su, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China
Om Bahadur Thapa, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
谭嘉华/Tan Jiahua, Shantou Universtiy, China
Xu Miaoqi, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

Groupname: Flying shoes and a cat
CDIOacademy2015_flyingshoes.jpgAleksandr Kurlov, Ural Federal University, Russia
甘灿建/Gan CanJian, Shantou University, China
Lim Guang Liang, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Yunya, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
杨杰/Yang Jie, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China

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